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Sleep Awareness Week

This was the week of your dreams! From March 14-20th, Sleep Awareness week was celebrated in 2021! We hope you got out your pillows and took this opportunity to learn about the importance of maintaining your sleep routine and prioritizing your sleep health. 

History of this event: 

In 1998, the National Sleep Foundation launched a public education campaign to help people learn more about the essential practice of sleep. This campaign transformed into Sleep Awareness Week which always takes place around the daylight saving transition. The goal of this campaign is to encourage the public to prioritize and pay attention to their sleep health and wellbeing. We all need sleep, and it can have major health effects. 

Elements to consider with SLEEP: 

S- Structure. Establish a regular sleep routine and stick to it.

L- Light. Spend more time with natural light. Natural light will help you feel rejuvenated throughout the day and will help you stay awake.

E- Electronics. Limit the amount of time you spend on electronics before bedtime. Try turning off all electronics one hour before bed to help improve sleep quality.

E- Exercise.  Regular physical activity is super important and will help you sleep. It will increase your fatigue and also release stress that might keep you up at night. 

P- Priority. Your sleep is sacred. Prioritize its importance and try not to push it aside. It will help your mood and energy each day. 

How can I participate in Sleep Awareness Week? 

  1. Social Media: 
  • Use the hashtags: #CelebrateSleep #SleepAwarenessWeek #CelebrateYourSleepHealt
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Facebook: @nationalsleepfoundation

Twitter: @sleepfoundation

Instagram: @sleepfoundation

LinkedIn: @nationalsleepfoundation

  1. Download and post: 

Banners: Download Digital Banners

Logos: Download Sleep Awareness Week 2021 Logos 

Media Resources:  Download Social Media Resources

If you have any questions about good sleep practices, or need help caring for a loved one, please call the clinic at (901) 306-5433 to schedule an appointment. As always, stay safe and healthy!

-Wellness and Stress Clinic Team