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  • Tips for setting healthy goals with kids
    You’ve probably heard someone say that kids are like sponges. And if you haven’t heard that, then you’ve definitely witnessed a kid say or do something that they clearly learned from adults who didn’t know young eyes were watching them. The way that kids repeat the behaviors of adults they love gives all of us … Read more
  • The importance of vision screenings
    We try our best to live healthy lifestyles, go to the doctor when we’re sick and take care of our longer-term health issues, but many people forget that eye exams are just as important as yearly health checkups. Annual eye examinations are a great way to keep your eyes healthy and protected.  When should you … Read more
  • What you should know about breast cancer and screenings
    Breast cancer is one of the most common types of cancer for women. The National Breast Cancer Foundation found that one in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. When it comes to breast cancer diagnoses and treatments, there are still inequalities. Cancer researchers report that Black … Read more
  • What should I expect in a child’s physical?
    An essential part of child wellness is taking your child to the doctor for regular physicals. At these appointments, a pediatrician will conduct routine examinations to help ensure your child is growing and developing as they should. So, what will the doctor evaluate, and why are these exams important? We’ll get into it here!  How … Read more
  • The importance of preventive health and wellness exams for transgender people
    The Wellness and Stress Clinic of Memphis is an inclusive place for all people to receive free, high-quality health care. We are a team of gender-affirming clinicians who support Memphians who do not have health care but need to see a physician for preventive care, disease management, emotional wellness or a number of other reasons. … Read more
  • How to kick unhealthy habits: Overspending
    There are a lot of things that you need on a daily basis to feed your family, get to work and stay healthy. Paying for all of your essentials has probably become more expensive as gas, food and electricity prices continue to rise. So, it’s a really important time to look at your budget and … Read more
  • How to kick unhealthy habits: Drinking soda.
    Sometimes an ice-cold soda on a hot day really hits the spot. But many Americans enjoy soft drinks more often than is good for their health. In fact, the average American drinks more than 38 gallons of soda in a year. That’s almost enough to fill an entire bathtub. Drinking soda is an unhealthy habit … Read more
  • How to kick unhealthy habits: Phones and your emotional wellness.
    According to a 2019 Statista study, the majority of children get their first phone at age 11 or 12. Shockingly, 1% of children receive their first phone before they turn 2. As the age that people get their first phone lowers, our addiction level rises. As of January 2022, 47% of Americans would say they’re … Read more
  • Handling the stress of summer parenting
    Summertime is a blast for kids. You probably have fond memories of eating popsicles and running through the sprinklers as you enjoyed your time away from school. But as a parent, having to make child care plans and figuring out how to pay for summer activities can take the season from stress-free to stressful.  Caring … Read more
  • What are the early signs of type 2 diabetes?
    Type 2 diabetes is a manageable, sometimes reversible, health condition. Preventive care and spotting the early signs of type 2 diabetes can improve or even change your life. And even if you get a diabetes diagnosis, your physician can help you manage the condition with medicine and lifestyle recommendations. But before you get a diagnosis, … Read more

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