The Wellness and Stress Clinic offers a variety of educational course focused chronic disease management, healthy eating, physical activity and workforce development. These courses are between 6-8 weeks in length and often include benefits for participants (i.e. vouchers, gym membership, maintain food stamp eligibility, etc). Our current courses include:

Eating Right and Getting Moving (Begins March 5th, 2019): Course includes a healthy meals demonstrations, and introductory fitness courses. Course meets Tuesday nights from 5-6:45pm. This course is designed to provide participants with healthy recipe options for family favorites, and provide a weekly time to focus on some physical activity with a community of supporters. Participants recieve grocery store gift cards and gym memberships during program.

Workforce Development: Course focuses on job readiness for the emerging health care industry in Memphis. Course meets weekly for 4-weeks and includes:

  • Work Readiness Training to help you gain knowledge and skills to prepare you for work
  • Career Navigation to help you find the job that’s right for you and provide the support you need
  • Individual Assessment to help you set and achieve employment goals
  • Support Services to help pay for your training and job search
  • Access to services such as adult education and vocational training to prepare you for success