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¿Hablas español? We’re adding Spanish-language support services.

The Wellness and Stress Clinic of Memphis was created to help uninsured people in Memphis get the medical support they need for free. Our weekly clinic has grown to include a number of support services that would be very expensive to access for the average person, including social work, legal counseling, emotional fitness assessments and educational programming.

We built our model with access in mind. So when we expand our programs, we do so with the goal of increasing access to members of our community. This is why the Wellness and Stress Clinic of Memphis is excited to soon offer Spanish translation service. With the help of community translators, our Spanish-speaking neighbors will now have access to our free medical, legal, emotional fitness health and social support services.

We will soon offer translation support during specific Monday clinics. Check back with us soon for more information! Once we announce the dates, Spanish speakers should schedule an appointment by calling 901-306-LIFE (5433) to reserve their place. 

Any client who has an appointment with our clinic will start by going through a simple screening with a social worker. The social worker will take down important information that will help our medical, legal and educational volunteers know what services to provide. Then, the client will meet with the professional volunteers who can help address their specific needs. While the service providers will be speaking English in most cases, the translators will be there to help Spanish-speaking clients go through our process.

Why is having translation services important in Memphis? 

According to Latino Memphis, immigrants make up just over 5% of the Memphis population. Their contributions to our community are large. Economically, people born outside of the United States contributed more than $4.2 billion to the Memphis Metro Area’s GDP in 2015. Immigrants are our neighbors, peers, coworkers and friends.

While not all immigrants are Spanish speakers, many in Memphis are. Mexico is the most common birth country for immigrants in Memphis – nearly one third of our immigrant population is from Mexico. So there is an apparent need for Spanish social services in Memphis. There are also many American-born people whose first language is Spanish. Providing service to people whose native language is Spanish is important for increasing access to social services. 

There are many great clinics in Memphis that provide low-cost primary medical care and Spanish-language services. But there are very few that provide free medical care, and other support services, to uninsured people. Our Spanish-speaking neighbors who are uninsured or simply under-insured, deserve access to these programs

If you or someone you love needs primary medical care, legal counseling, emotional fitness assessments or social support, encourage them to connect with us. We look forward to seeing them soon!