Media Guide

Wellness and Stress Clinic Media Guide

Welcome! This page serves as a resource for all Wellness and Stress Clinic supporters to use when developing content for the clinic.

Brand Guidelines

When developing content, follow the instructions outlined in this presentation. All of the logo files, colors and font files are included below.

Logo files

You can download a zipped file of all Wellness and Stress Clinic logos including white, black and solid purple versions. You can also choose from one of our preferred logos below.

Font Files

Wellness and Stress Clinic uses the font Trueno across its printed and digital materials. You can download the Trueno font package for free using the button below.


Wellness and Stress Clinic primarily uses shades of purple, black and white in its branding. Several complementary accent shades are also available for use in limited applications. Color codes are included below along with a guide that outlines the proportional use of colors that should be followed throughout Wellness and Stress Clinic materials.

Sample social media graphics

Use the following images, gifs and videos to guide graphic creation for Wellness and Stress Clinic materials.