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  • September is National Yoga Awareness month
    Supporting one’s health involves more than just dietary health, it also involves physical and mental wellness. This awareness month is designed to help educate people about the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle. This dedicated month was created in 2008 by the Department of Health and Wellness. Although there are many types […]
  • Weight management with diabetes
    When it comes to managing your weight, there’s no shortage of extreme diet trends, supposed miracle recipes and wacky exercise fads. While these methods claim to be effective, they are often complicated to follow or unhealthy in general. On top of this, these weight management methods don’t always account for illnesses, like diabetes, where blood […]
  • Mammograms: All your questions answered
    You may have heard that women over a certain age should get mammograms regularly, but without knowing what they are and why they’re important, it can be easy to dismiss this recommendation. However, mammograms are important screening procedures that are worth learning about (and then getting, if you choose to do so). What are mammograms? […]
  • Seasonal Foods and Recipes for August
    Why eat in season?  There are many reasons to eat foods that are in season!  They taste better! Just imagine: this is the food’s season! It loves this weather and will produce the best fruit or vegetable during this time because these are the conditions that this plant thrives in.  Less unnatural additives. Since these […]
  • Safety Tips for that Summer Sun
    The summer heat is in full swing! Are you protected from the rays?  Why can the heat be damaging?The sun emits UV rays which can be harmful to humans.  UV rays are the #1 cause of skin cancer. Additionally, too much unprotected sun exposure can lead to dehydration or skin aging. Thus, skin protection from […]
  • What should I do about my workplace injury?
    Workplace accidents result in injury more often than one may think. Each workplace is legally responsible to protect the health and safety of the workers by preventing workplace accidents. Injuries can happen to anyone, so it’s important to know your rights and the appropriate action to take when dealing with on-site accidents. Keep reading to […]
  • Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month
    It’s commonly assumed that arthritis only affects the elderly, but this isn’t true. That’s why the month of July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, to bring attention to the condition that affects nearly 300,000 children and teens in the United States. What is juvenile arthritis? Juvenile arthritis (JA) is actually an umbrella term that encompasses […]
  • Scoliosis Awareness Month
    While scoliosis is probably an unfamiliar term to many, the condition is more common than you might think. Approximately 6 to 9 million Americans have been diagnosed with scoliosis— that’s about 1 in 40 people! In order to educate the public and encourage early detection and treatment, the month of June has been designated Scoliosis […]
  • Feeling hot? Sit in the shade and follow these tips to avoid heat stroke.
    After a long winter and cool spring, summer is finally here! It’s time to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with loved ones. Let’s be honest – summers in Memphis can get very hot. To safely enjoy your summer activities, it is important to understand the risks of heat exposure. Getting some vitamin D can […]
  • June Is ptsd awareness month
    June is PTSD Awareness Month.  What is PTSD?  PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder.  It is an anxiety disorder that people experience after seeing or living through an event that was harmful. Symptoms can include irritability, anger, dreams of trauma, sleep problems, relationship issues, and isolation. PTSD can be treated, but it may take […]

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